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Collection of data

Florence Recanzone is responsible for treatment within the meaning of the law “Informatique & Libertés”, collecting and processing personal data. These data are necessary in particular to allow you to establish a contact with Florence Recanzone.
The contact form specifies the data that must imperatively be communicated to establish this contact.

What personal data is collected by Florence Recanzone?

Florence Recanzone collects declarative data.

Declarative data: Florence Recanzone may constitute one or more files containing information that you voluntarily provide to receive a Service. This Personal Data is collected during your contact form submissions. This data is usually your identity and your contact details (eg postal address and/or email, phone number).
When your declarative data is thus used for commercial purposes, Florence Recanzone collects your consent in accordance with the regulations in force.
Behavioral data: Florence Recanzone may also collect your browsing data using data collection tools (cookies, tags, tags, and any other appropriate technical means) installed on the site.
If you have chosen to disable cookies via your internet browser, access to the site will not be altered.

How does Florence Recanzone use your declarative data?

They may, with your consent by ticking the boxes provided for this purpose, be used by Florence Recanzone:

  • To allow to correspond with you.
  • To propose, if necessary, an event (no subscription of Newsletter).
  • In accordance with the regulations in force, your declarative data can be transmitted to the competent authorities on official request.

How to exercise your rights of access, rectification and opposition regarding your personal data?

In application of the provisions of articles 39 and 40 of the law “Informatique & Libertés”, you can request the communication of your Personal Data and require that, depending on the case, rectified, completed, updated, locked or erased your Personal Data, which are inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, out of date, or whose collection, use, disclosure or storage is prohibited.
Simply send an email to the following address:
Florence Recanzone
Internet service
23 rue Lemercier
75017 Paris – France

In accordance with the decree n° 2007-451 of March 25th, 2007 taken for the application of the law “Informatique & Libertés”, your requests must be presented in writing and will have to be signed and accompanied by the photocopy of an identity your signature. The request must specify the address to which the answer must be sent. Florence Recanzone will have a period of 2 (two) months to respond to the receipt of your request.

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This site does not use this type of cookies.

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How to control cookies from your browser?

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